Welcome to the Shackles.

Thar be monsters here.

The shipping lanes of Golarion’s seas and oceans
are filled with fat merchant vessels laden with
trade goods both mundane and exotic, as well
as the pirates and freebooters who prey on them. Underthe banner of their Hurricane King, these buccaneers sally forth from that archipelago of lawless pirate ports and anchorages known as the Shackles, plundering the shipping of countless countries and trade consortiums, then vanishing back into the maze of islands and reefs they call home. The nations of the Inner Sea would like nothing more than to end the pirate menace once and for all, but the eternal hurricane known as the Eye of Abendego has thus far shielded the Free Captains of the Shackles from the threat of retaliation.

The adventurers wake up in the hold of a ship at sea, only to discover they’ve been press-ganged into a crew of scoundrels, thieves, and buccaneers from the pirate isles of the Shackles. When they’re assigned to a captured ship as part of a skeleton crew, the adventurers finally have a chance to stage a mutiny, but a sudden storm strands them on an isolated island inhabited by strange monsters! Can the adventurers survive the dangers of the island to overthrow their cruel captors and take control of their own destinies? Will they become feared pirates with their own ship, or will they meet their ends in a watery grave?

{( Note from the GM )}
This game is taken almost completely from the Skulls and Shackles campaign from Pathfinder. We will start with the first section, The Wormwood Mutiny. Everything on this site is not for any sort of reproduction, and is either the Intellectual Property of Pathfinder Role-Playing Game or of the GM and Players. Please do not copy the images off of this site, if you like the work, go to the source!!! Thank you!
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Images of the Pirates are from Pathfinder’s Skull and Shackles free PDF.
The Banner was created in Photoshop by the GM, Gaitkeeper.
The background is from Look .com