Wormwood Crew


The Ship’s Captain, Barnabas Harrigan, is more of a boogeyman than a real face to the Players. He delegates the leadership of the Press-Gang to his First-Mate, Mr Plugg, and his Boatswain and Master-at-Arms, Master Scourge. He’s as ruthless as he is evil. He’s the embodiment of a Pirate Captain, a Neutral Evil Human Figher/Rogue. Job: Captain; Initial Attitude: Hostile

The First Mate, Mr. Plugg Is a successful pirate. Only 21, he rose through the ranks of piracy to be the First Mate on one of the most infamous pirate vessels in the Shackles. Indeed, it was his idea to kidnap and press-gang unsuspecting adventurers into service. Job:First Mate; Initial Attitude: Hostile

The Boatswain and Master-at-Arms, Master Scourge finds pleasure and fulfillment in his position as the disciplinary arm of the Captain. He is cruel and viscious, and if it did not kill as much, he would Keel-Haul everyone on board at least once a month. He plead with Mr. Plugg to keep the barnacles on the boat, so that they could… help… with his punishments. Job: Master-at-Arms; Initial Attitude: Hostile

The Quartermaster, “Cut-Throat” Grok is a no-nonsense merchant with a savage scar across her neck. Running the Store is a dayjob for her, and her true love is the Barroom. As such, she became close to the Ship’s Cook, Fishguts. She doesn’t seem to make friends easily, unless they have what she wants. Job: Quartermaster; Initial Attitude:Indifferent

The Ship’s Cook, Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop is a sad old chef, shackled to the Wormwood, and stripped of the Love of Life. Most days he sits in a Rum-Induced Stupor, but that doesn’t stop him from talking to anyone that cooks along side him.
Job: Cook; Initial Attitude: Indifferent

As a Pirate Vessel, the Wormwood needs more than simply a Captain and First Mate. There is plenty of trouble that the Crew can get into, and plenty of specialties that a successful ship requires. Here is a list of the other officers.

Peppery Longfarthing (CN female human sorcerer 8):
sailing master and old friend of the captain

Riaris Krine (NE female human fighter 7): master gunner
Habbly Quarne, the “Stitchman” (N male human
fighter 4/expert 3): ship’s surgeon and carpenter

Kipper (CE male human rogue 6): gunner’s mate and
bootlicker for Plugg and Scourge

Patch Patchsalt (CE female gnome rogue 3/fighter 3):
boatswain’s mate and sycophant of Plugg and Scourge

“Caulky” Tarroon (CN female human commoner 3):
the captain’s cabin girl

Owlbear Hartshorn (N male human fighter 2):
simpleton and “pet” of Mr. Plugg (see page 27)

The players aren’t the only members of the crew, though they are the only ones, besides Sandra Quinn, that was press-ganged. Whether they boarded by choice or by bad luck, they are the faces of the Cogs.

Sandra Quinn is a cleric of Besmara, the goddess of the seas. She has a love for her fellow pirate, and feels that Prates are the true children of her Goddess. She takes pitty and feels camaraderie with the Players, as they struggle through their jobs together. Job:Swab; Initial Attitude: Friendly

Rosie Cusswell Is a sailor through and through. She’ll be at home in the rigging, as well as cursing up a storm below decks, enjoying drinking, songs, and tales. She hates Mr. Plugg for some reason, and loathes “Concho”
Job:Swab; Initial Attitude: Indifferent

Barefoot Samms Toppin (CG female human): a
former fisherwoman from the Sodden Lands
who never wears shoes; job: rigger; initial
attitude: indifferent.

Giffer Tibbs (NG female gnome): a
bedraggled gnome with one eye; job:
swab; initial attitude: indifferent.

Jack Scrimshaw (N male human): a
young lad talented at scrimshaw; job:
swab; initial attitude: indifferent.

“Ratline” Rattsberger (N male half ling): a rat-faced
half ling with long arms and three missing fingers; job:
rigger; initial attitude: indifferent.

Tilly Brackett (N female human): a tough joker who
likes her rum; job: swab; initial attitude: indifferent.

“Badger” Medlar (N female half-elf ): an older woman
who shaves her gray hair into stripes; job: swab; initial
attitude: unfriendly.

Shivikah (N female human): a very tall Mwangi exslaver;
job: swab; initial attitude: unfriendly.

Aretta Bansion (NE female human): a bad tempered exharlot
with big ears; job: swab; initial attitude: hostile.

Fipps Chumlett (NE male human): a fat, pushy bully
with a shaved head; job: swab; initial attitude: hostile.

Jaundiced Jape (CE male half-orc): a humorless, greedy
half-orc mute; job: swab; initial attitude: hostile.

Maheem (LN male human): a big Rahadoumi with a
permanent scowl; job: rigger; initial attitude: hostile.

Slippery Syl Lonegan (CE female human): an unhinged
murderer who f led to sea to escape the gallows; job: rigger;
initial attitude: hostile.

Wormwood Crew

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